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About Solitaire 2000 Payphone

Introducing the Solitaire 2000 Payphone the perfect solution for Controlled Call Charges

The Solitaire 2000 Payphone is perfect for use in supervised environments, offering unparalleled simplicity and efficient call charge management. With its pre-programmed setup, battery-free operation, and effortless plug-and-play functionality, this payphone ensures seamless usage from the get-go.

 Solitaire 2000 Payphone Key Features:

  • Ready for immediate use, simply plug in and start dialing.
  • Supports UK coins: 10p, 20p, 50p, and £1, providing flexible payment options.
  • Owners PIN number enables coinless calling for added convenience.
  • The Solitaire 2000 offers adjustable call charges cater to individual preferences and budgetary needs.
  • 10-number memory for quick and easy access to frequently dialed numbers.
  • Programmable international call barring enhances security measures.
  • Future-proof design with a plug-in customiser (PIC) for potential upgrades.
  • Generous 400-coin locking cashbox capacity ensures reliable cash management.
  • Reverse charge call protection safeguards against unauthorized usage.
  • Pulse/tone switchable for compatibility with various phone systems.
  • Enables emergency calls to 999/112 without requiring coins.

Designed for domestic use in supervised indoor settings, the Solitaire 2000 Payphone offers versatility in placement, whether freestanding or wall-mounted. Its distinctive Payphone Identification Tone (Beep...Bop) notifies operators of its payphone status, preventing reverse charge call connections when necessary. Additionally, customisable settings empower users to tailor the payphone to their specific requirements.

For hearing-impaired users, the Solitaire 2000 incorporates an inductive coupler in the handset, providing enhanced accessibility for those with post-aural hearing aids.

In summary, the Solitaire 2000 Payphone combines ease of use, advanced features, and robust security measures, making it the go-to choice for efficient call management in supervised environments


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