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Product Description

Comes With Armoured Handset

1year guarantee​​​​​​​

Product Specifications of the Ecosse Pegasus Armoured Payphone

The heavy-duty version of the Pegasus incorporates heavy-duty metal cabinet, which greatly increases the security of stored cash. This means that the heavy duty Pegasus can be left in less supervised areas than the basic model. It also has an armoured handset cord and allows for the telephone socket to be covered.

  • Heavy duty security steel casing
  • Armoured handset cord
  • Covers telephone socket
  • Pay on answer - with refund
  • Simple set up
  • Direct dial memory buttons 2
  • Direct dial ''Taxi '' button
  • Alternate carrier routing
  • Coin discriminator
  • PABX compatible
  • Coin capacity 300 coins

Customer Reviews

Pegasus Metal comes with 1year guarantee